Having worked closely with our clients throughout this challenging period, it is clear that lots of clients have struggled to efficiently manage their accounting affairs remotely. Some clients still host their accounting software locally and during lockdown have not been able to easily access crucial accounting records. This means they are unable to provide to their bank finance applications or to keep on top of their accounting records to monitor closely the financial performance of their business in this difficult time.

If you haven’t already, now is the ideal time to give serious thought to moving your software systems into the cloud, ensuring access to critical information from anywhere.

There are many benefits of cloud systems including;

  • Remote working;
  • Instant access anywhere, anytime;
  • Accurate real-time cash flow forecasting.

Upgrading to a cloud system often leads to significant additional cost savings. Most cloud software is now provided on a rolling 30-day subscription and can work out much cheaper than your current licence and upgrade costs. The implementation and training costs will all depend on the complexities of the systems you need, but compared to the cost and time savings generated should be very affordable.

Whatever your requirement, TC has the expertise to guide your business through the process of switching to a cloud-based solution. Contact your Account Manager today on 0330 088 7111 to arrange your free consultation.